the book of harth

A Documentary Film

The Holy Bible Project

David Greg Harth is a New York City based artist working in various media. Many of his projects are time related. One of his most ambitious projects is The Holy Bible Project — an important 20-year art work which began on April 25, 1997 and was completed on April 25, 2017.


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Harth is not asking for an “autograph.” He is asking for people to participate in the art work. Harth asks such people as musicians, artists, actors, writers, politicians, activists, intellectuals, poets, athletes, pioneers, entrepreneurs, scholars, designers, directors, filmmakers, icons, etc. He will never sell this art work to an autograph collector, but in the future it will be on exhibition in an art gallery and/or art museum.

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NYC Short Documentary Film Festival
Producers Club Theaters, 358 W 44th StNew York, NY

Mar 22
7th Annual Chain NYC Film Festival
Chain Theatre, 312 W 36th St 4th FloorNew York, NY

Aug 9
IFC Center, 323 6th AveNew York, NY

Nov 6 - 15
Directed by
Pierre Guillet
David Greg Harth
Special Thanks: All the participating celebrities who gave their
time to be part of this documentary